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Hand-painted Papier Mache Scrabble

Rs. 9,000.00

Made to order, this customised, hand-painted edition of Scrabble is a gift to treasure. You can choose the motifs and colors that go on it! Item photographed is a spring blossoms edition and a chinar edition - modified to suit the clients needs.

* Handmade Product: Please note that this is a handmade and handpainted product. No two products are identical.

** Shipping Details: We ship masterpieces between 4-6 weeks from the date of placing the order. You will be contacted for further information. 

***Custom Order: This is a one-of-a kind product. For customising something similar please reach out to us.

*** Please note we are currently  not sending our scrabble sets with wooden tiles .we only have plastic tile available due to a supply shortage.  

Hand-painted Papier Mache Scrabble

Rs. 9,000.00