Handcrafted objects are labours of love and products of patience - we're slower to ship than your average store!

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Traam Zewar Dabbe

A jewellery box for your antique trinkets

Heirloom Silk Carpets

In sizes made for modern needs

Kashmiri Silk Runners

For your everyday needs

Sonth Heirloom

Lost and found in the annals of time

Sonth Heirloom

Our endeavour to bring you the best of the antiques, feature one of a kind products that we have commissioned or curated over the years. Each product you see here has been painstakingly created by master artisans - very often decades ago. Some have been pre-loved and found hidden amongst family heirlooms or in the alleys of downtown Srinagar. The others are a result of the vision of a master-artist.

While most of these pieces are one of a kind, we can help you recreate them and customise to the best of our ability. Reach out here.

Sonth Masterpieces

We function in synergy with our ecosystem. Our ideas are brought to vision by the master-crafts persons we work with. Often one of a kind, products in the heirloom section are those are unlikely to find another set of.

Handmade and Handcrafted

By artisans across the valley

One of a Kind

Never to be made again

Curated Across Generations

Heirlooms of the past